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Who are we? Champions for quality time for kids.

The Georgia Statewide Afterschool Network (GSAN) is a public-private collaborative that envisions a day when all communities in Georgia have the resources to provide exceptional afterschool programming. Our mission is to advance, connect, and support quality afterschool programs to promote the success of children and youth throughout Georgia.

What do we do? Provide direction and resources for quality afterschool time.

We are an effective resource for afterschool, before school, and summer learning programs in Georgia. We cultivate environments that allow these programs and the youth they serve to thrive. Our mission includes:

  • Providing access to professional development, best practices, and enrichments for current programs.
  • Supporting the development of policy priorities and advocacy strategies at the local and state level.
  • Engaging families, communities, businesses, and local and state leaders while educating them on the positive impacts of afterschool programming.

Why afterschool? Because it expands the potential of our children.

High quality afterschool and summer learning programs provide youth a safe place to go outside of the classroom, as well as the opportunity to explore new interests and engage in hands-on learning. Consistent participation in these activities has been shown to improve academic outcomes, help to close the achievement gap, reduce school absences, and improve social-emotional outcomes.

How is Georgia doing?  We can do better!

Today, there is significant unmet demand for quality afterschool programming in Georgia. To promote the success of our youth in the 21st century, this needs to change. GSAN is working to ensure quality afterschool programs are accessible to Georgia’s youth of all ages and in all communities. Join us!

  • According to America After 3pm only 17% of Georgia’s K-12 youth participate in afterschool programs, and over 400,000 (25%) of Georgia’s youth are responsible for taking care of themselves after school!

To learn more about GSAN and what we do, click here to see our 2017 annual report.

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