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UPDATE: ESEA reauthorization moves through the U.S. House Committee and to the U.S. House floor

By Katie Landes, Director of GSAN

For those of you who have been following our posts on the ESEA reauthorization process, here’s a quick update on the most recent news.

The House Education and Workforce Committee discussed and marked up the draft ESEA bill, the Student Success Act, today. During this process, Congressman Barletta (R-PA) passionately delivered the message that afterschool and summer learning programs funded through 21st CCLC matter (watch a video of Congressman Barletta’s remarks here). As a result of his remarks, changes were put in the legislation that are a step in the right direction, however they do not go far enough in protecting the federal 21st CCLC funding that provides over 35,000 of Georgia’s young people (and over 1.5 million across the country) much needed afterschool and summer learning programs. The reauthorization bill is now heading to the U.S. House floor for consideration. For more information on the mark up process, visit the Afterschool Alliance’s blog.

It is important that members of Congress continue to see a strong showing of support from afterschool advocates across the country. Your U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators want to hear from you! Take action now by urging your elected officials to consider the value of dedicated funding for afterschool and summer learning programs through 21st CCLC. Share personal examples or experiences that illustrate the importance of these out-of-school programs for enhancing learning, keeping young people safe and helping working families in your community.