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Kinyatta Trice, Ph.D.
Associate Director

Kinyatta Trice is the Associate Director at the Georgia Statewide Afterschool Network (GSAN).

Kinyatta is part of the GSAN BOOST Grants initiative where she assists the Associate Director in managing the American Rescue Plan investments in Georgia’s afterschool and summer learning programs. As a member of the collaborative GSAN BOOST team, Kinyatta buildings relationships and supports sub-grantees by providing technical assistance and communicating and facilitating critical program updates. In addition, she contributes to the strategic and sustainability planning of BOOST to increase programmatic quality. Prior to joining Voices, Kinyatta provided project and program management to a university-based non-profit focused on improving national and international racial equity in education, health, and finance for African Americans throughout the diaspora. In this role, Kinyatta honed her ability to identifying the data to measure programmatic outcomes related to objectives and to utilize those findings to increase programmatic capacity to reach the populations they intend. She has also completed a service year as an AmeriCorps member, worked in a high school improving graduation rates as a graduation coach, a faculty member for an online university, and a consultant specializing in scholarly copyediting and program evaluation.