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Multiple studies have shown the importance of quality in out-of-school time program in helping Georgia’s young people succeed in school, careers, and life. GSAN works on several quality initiatives:

The Georgia Afterschool and Youth Development Quality Standards 


The Georgia ASYD Quality Standards is a collaborative project that is funded and endorsed by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services, the Georgia Department of Education, the Georgia Department of Public Health and the Governor’s Office for Children and Families. These standards are research-based best practice guidelines that delineate the critical components of high quality youth development programs. When adopted by afterschool and youth development programs, the standards can be used as a framework for the design and implementation of high quality programs for youth from elementary through high school. To learn more, click here. 

Afterschool Awards

The annual Georgia Afterschool & Youth Development Awards honor outstanding professionals, programs, and youth and recognized honorees for their efforts and excellence in the afterschool and youth development field. To learn more, click here.

Other Resources

NAA Quality Afterschool Briefs

A set of issues briefs from the National Afterschool Association on why afterschool quality matters, identifying and improving quality programs, promoting professionalism, and funding quality initiatives.

The Achievement Gap is Real: Afterschool Is a Real Solution Linked to Closing the Gap – Deborah Vandell

New research from Deborah Vandell links consistent participation in high quality afterschool programing with positive youth outcomes, such as narrowed gap in math achievement, reduced school absences, and better work habits.

The Cost of Quality of Out-of-School Time Programs 

This paper seeks foster more fact-based conversations about the cost of quality among policymakers who set reimbursement rates, funders, and providers.

Afterschool Quality: The Process of Program Improvement 

ASQ is a five-step self-assessment that can help you look at the quality of your program and make changes to achieve better practices and more positive outcomes.