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Lunch & Learn: ASYD Quality Element #5 – Health & Well Being

Nov. 8, 2021

Join this lunch and learn to dive deeper into the standards and indicators associated with Quality Element 5, Health & Well Being. Learn more a...


Lunch & Learn: ASYD Quality Element #3 – Environment & Climate

Nov. 15, 2021

Join this lunch and learn to dive deeper into the standards and indicators associated with Quality Element 3, Environment & Climate. Learn more...


Video Gallery

Virtual Professional Development

Getting to Know the Summer Activity Guide

May 28, 2020

This webinar will dive into the structure and elements of the activities for each age group so that participants feel comfortable facilitating every component of these lessons.


Afterschool & Youth Development Quality Standards Video Series

Stepping Up Your School Age Programming

Oct 7, 2020

Receive tips on communicating with schools and parents, learn about best practices and the Georgia ASYD Standards, and get connected to tools, resources, and activities.


Maintaining the Physical and Behavioral Health of Children - Hear from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Experts

May 14, 2020

Learn about infection control and behavioral health supports and the resiliency of youth from experts, Dr. Andi L. Shane and Jody Baumstein.


From Sustainability to Survivability: Managing Uncertainty Amid Crisis

May 6, 2020

facilitated by Spectrum Nonprofit Services

This presentation will cover 1) understanding organizational cash position, 2) making strategic financial decisions, and 3) how to communicate these issues with stakeholders.


Conducting Effective Virtual Staff Meetings and Trainings

May 4, 2020

facilitated by GUIDE, Inc.

Learn new ways of engaging staff, colleagues and clients along with tools and resources that can be implemented in any online staff meeting or training.


Stress Management for Youth Development Professionals: Caring for the OST Community During COVID-19

Apr 27, 2020

facilitated by Alliance for a Healthier Generation

This session covers the impacts and response patterns associated with stress, along with practical tips and resources you can share to manage stress in tough times.


Tools and Tips for Effective Virtual Learning and Engagement

Apr 20, 2020

A review of virtual learning platforms and tips for effective virtual youth engagement.


Lunch & Learns – bite size info in 30 minutes or less!

GSAN Lunch & Learn: Summer Activity Guide (Not Just for Summer)

Oct 27, 2020

The Summer Activity Guide (SAG) is a suite of fun and engaging activities and challenges for youth ages 5 to 18 – and it’s not just for summer.


GSAN Lunch & Learn: Mizzen by Mott - Activities at Your Fingertips

Nov 12, 2020

The Mizzen by Mott app is an innovative tool designed to help you plan and deliver engaging courses, lessons and activities.


GSAN Lunch & Learn: ASYD Resources

Nov 4, 2020

The Georgia ASYD Initiative provides resources, including training and technical assistance, to help create and maintain quality environments and experiences that benefit youth.


Policy and Research

Jan 22, 2021 - The State of Afterschool in Georgia

Oct 19, 2020 - Lights On Afterschool Town Hall