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Upcoming Trainings

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On-Demand Training & Resources

Local Education Agency (LEA) Symposium Session 1: Summer Learning Series to Develop, Improve and Sustain Summer Programming

With the summer break presenting a valuable opportunity for continued learning and growth, creating robust and effective programs is essential for maximizing student potential and addressing academic and well-being and connectedness. This webinar will provide educators, program coordinators, and community leaders with practical guidance, evidence-based strategies, and innovative ideas to develop summer programs that offer meaningful experiences and support student success. Participants will gain valuable insights into designing curriculum, planning activities, and fostering a positive learning environment to ensure a rewarding summer learning experience for students.


Local Education Agency (LEA) Symposium Session 2: Partnering at the Speed of Trust

Join us for an engaging webinar focused on enhancing collaborations between Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to better support students and families. In today’s educational landscape, the synergy between schools and community organizations is more critical than ever in fostering holistic student development and addressing diverse needs effectively. This webinar aims to provide LEA and CBO representatives with actionable strategies, best practices, and real-world examples to establish and strengthen partnerships. Participants will explore how collaboration can enhance access to resources, improve student outcomes, and promote community engagement.


Local Education Agency (LEA) Symposium Session 3: Local Education Agency (LEA) Symposium: Summer Learning Series to Develop, Improve and Sustain Summer Programming

This webinar equips Local Education Agencies (LEAs) with the tools and strategies needed to build awareness by telling the story of your summer programming. This webinar also aims to empower LEAs, district administrators, educators, and community stakeholders to become effective champions for summer programming within their communities and at the policy level.


Chew on This: Summer Learning Series "Routines, Rituals that Create Unique Summer Programs"

GSAN Consultant Jason Martin provides a look at rituals and routines from around the country that make summer programs special.


Chew on This: Summer Learning Series "Evaluations Beyond Typical Tests"

GSAN’s Summer Learning Manager Julia Morris shares some innovative ways to assess student growth, which are way beyond typical tests and pop quizzes.


Planning for Impactful Summer Learning

Throughout the pandemic, Georgia’s afterschool and summer learning programs have provided key supports to students and families. These programs are ready and able to support students’ recovery this summer by offering: 1) Support for student academic progress; 2) Opportunities for social, emotional and interpersonal connections; 3) Access to supports like physical activity, meals, and mental health services; and 4) Strong communications and connections with families. Join GSAN as we explore ways that school districts and summer learning programs can partner to plan for an impactful summer and combat COVID learning loss.


GSAN Lunch & Learn: Summer Activity Guide (Not Just for Summer)

The Summer Activity Guide (SAG) is a suite of fun and engaging activities and challenges for youth ages 5 to 18 – and it’s not just for summer.


GSAN Lunch & Learn: Mizzen by Mott - Activities at Your Fingertips

The Mizzen by Mott app is an innovative tool designed to help you plan and deliver engaging courses, lessons and activities.


Student Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment & Retention are the two magic R’s for ensuring the succe...

Engaging Students and Families

In this session participants will learn actionable strategies for being able to engage students and families in designing, running, and supporting summer programs. Collectively, participants customize and walk away with a toolkit of resources to build in the leadership of students and families for their summer program.


GSAN Lunch & Learn: ASYD Resources

The Georgia ASYD Initiative provides resources, including training and technical assistance, to help create and maintain quality environments and experiences that benefit youth.


Introduction to the GSAN Summer Planning Toolkit - Introduction

What It Is & How to Use It


Key Elements of High Quality Summer Programs

Youth Voice & Choice and Unique Program Culture


Introduction to the GSAN Summer Planning Toolkit - Funding

Funding Streams for Summer Learning


Outreach for Strong Attendance

Youth Recruitment and Retention


Best Practices in Out-of-School Time

Moving from Theory to Action


Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse

Angie Boy, DrPH, Program Manager, Prevention and Training, Stephanie V. Blank Center for Safe and Healthy Children

After school providers are important in recognizing potential instances of child abuse and neglect. As you work with kids daily, you may see or hear things from children that are concerning. This webinar will teach the basics of recognizing child abuse and how to respond appropriately when abuse is suspected or disclosed.


Building Resilience in Out of School Time Programs

Chelsea Walker, LCSW, Wellness Program Coordinator, Behavioral Health, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

This Strong4Life Resilience Training is designed to support out of school time professionals and staff in promoting emotional wellness and fostering resilience in all kids.


Supporting Whole Child Wellness in Out of School Time Programs

Wendy Palmer RD, LD, CHES, Manager, Wellness, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Healthy Habits help children build and maintain strong bodies and minds. Learn best practices for supporting health and wellness in youth programs and how to create a healthy environment for all kids.


How your childhood impacts your health: An overview of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Angie Boy, DrPH Program Manager, Prevention and Training Stephanie V. Blank Center for Safe and Healthy Children

Childhood experiences can have lifelong impacts. This webinar will focus on adverse childhood experiences including definitions, original research and the potential health impacts.


Preparing for the Unexpected: First Aid 101

Jeremy Russie, BSN, RN, Senior Wellness Program Coordinator

Unintentional injuries are the top cause of death in children ages 1-19 and life-threatening events such as asthma attacks and anaphylaxis can happen quickly. In this session, we will cover best practices for First Aid as well as some prevention strategies to help make your program a safer environment for all who attend.


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