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The diversity of the types of programs across the state necessitates differentiated support/professional learning opportunities. You meet children where they are and we want to meet programs across the state where they are. Coaching sessions will take place February to May of 2022.

Based on feedback from the field, we are launching Small Group Coaching technical assistance to provide targeted support to programs on the following specific topics:

Mental Health

Jewell H. Gooding MBA, MA, NCC, Non-Profit Leader & Owner, GoodHart Consulting, LLC

This cohort will engage participants in thoughtful dialogue around mental health, crisis, and current work practices. Perspective from a personal and professional level will be provided to allow for a relatable and empowering experience. Join this cohort to better understand the cycle of mental health through uncertain times, the impact of social determinants of health on mental well-being, suicide prevention, intervention, and post-vention after a community loss for employees, youth, and families. Participants will receive coaching on how to engage in difficult conversations about mental health, create safe spaces for employees, youth and families and promote mental well-being and resilience in their communities.

Youth Entrepreneurship

Scott Mann, Director of Education and Training, VentureLab

VentureLab is helping create the next generation of innovators and change makers through entrepreneurial learning. This cohort will help participants have a better understanding of youth entrepreneurship, connect participants to VentureLab programs and curriculum to start teaching entrepreneurship and receive coaching that will equip programs to guide youth on their journey from idea to pitch.

Organizational Practices

Georgia Center for Nonprofits

Georgia Center for Nonprofits is committed to building thriving communities by helping nonprofits succeed. This cohort will help participants with nonprofit fundamentals through exploring strategy development, governance and board development, operations and finance, revenue strategy, and annual action planning.