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Afterschool Webinar: Planning for a Game-Changing Summer

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By Jennifer McCombs, Director of Research, Learning Policy Institute; Nikki Yamashiro, Vice President of Research, Afterschool Alliance; Brodrick Clarke, Vice President, Programs, National Summer Learning Association; Lorna Smith, CEO, Horizons National; Matthew Hathaway, Teachers in the Parks in Pennsylvania

With new resources available for summer programming, and great challenges facing our students, we have an opportunity to make summer 2022 a game-changer for students. Programs allow students to explore, create, connect with peers and mentors, and accelerate learning in an informal and fun setting. While this summer provides a tremendous opportunity to help youth thrive, this winter is the ideal time to plan your 2022 summer programs. The Afterschool Alliance, Every Hour Counts, and the National Summer Learning Association have teamed up to offer a webinar reviewing what it takes to make a summer program successful, recommendations for planning effectively right now, and tips from program leaders.